Victori Group, LLC, Announces its Second Acquisition by Acquiring a Minority Interest in TAB Auctions, LLC


[VERNON HILLS, ILLINOIS, FEBRUARY 1, 2023] — Victori Group, LLC, a private equity investment group specializing in healthcare supply chain, liquidation channels, and operations has finalized its second acquisition by acquiring a minority interest in the female-owned TAB Auctions, LLC.

TAB Auctions utilizes a proprietary technology platform that supports and enables fast inventory management, redeployments, liquidations, and multi-channel selling. TAB Auctions will offer live and timed auctions to maximize the equipment’s market value.  This proprietary technology distinguishes TAB Auctions from the industry as a whole. The platform permits TAB Auctions to create internal marketplaces for healthcare systems to enable fast and efficient capital equipment redeployments.

Victori Group’s President, Eric Wilensky, finds this acquisition particularly gratifying. He said, “Our customers want a direct sales channel to worldwide buyers to improve the monetization of their equipment. Medical auction companies have transitioned to a timed format, which limits the purchase quantities for international buyers. However, this is about to change. TAB Auctions will now offer live auctions, which — among other things — will rectify this industry problem starting on February 14, 2023, when it liquidates the contents of a closed hospital.”   

Owning an auction company was the second piece of the puzzle in realizing Victori Group’s initial vision. With the purchase of TAB Auctions, Wilensky is reunited with TAB Auctions’ Owner, Gina Prignano, for whom he has the utmost respect. “What can I say about Gina?” Wilensky shared. “I owe a large portion of my success to her. This new business relationship is seamless, because of our similar work ethic — and, frankly, our aligned personalities. We have always shared the same overarching visions, values, and principles. This is definitely her story to tell, but I could not be happier for what this strategic partnership means for both Gina and Victori Group.”

Prignano was equally enthusiastic with the synergy created between TAB Auctions and Victori Group. She shared, “I could not be more eager to work with Eric again. As industry leaders, our work has always been fulfilling because we are constantly pulling on the same side of the rope. For us, this business relationship was a no-brainer. Loyalty has also always been important to both of us, so our go-forward strategy is to consistently demonstrate our dedication to our customers, business, and the people with whom we work.”

Prignano will retain her position as President of TAB Auctions and report to Wilensky as a separate entity — but under the Victori Group family of businesses.

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